About Us

Bella Malaysia – a place where tradition and modernity go in hand to produce some of the best designs in solid wood. Bella Malaysia renders a style statement to your space. It creates an ambience of clean sophistication with solid wood furniture which stands out for their fascinating looks. We tap into wood’s hidden potential and bring out the beauty within, so that it can lend class and elegance to your home. Our products are made with elegance, classy finish, rich tones and smooth looks. Only the best wood is used to bring out the innovative designs in contemporary style. The wood is scientifically treated to remove all the moisture content which gives our furniture durability and strength to withstand the ravages of time and look as good as new and feel as comfortable forever.

Our achievements and inspirations are drawn by skill and tenacity of our people who ensure our success. We believe total customer satisfaction is delivered from our team of dedicated management and workforce. At Bella Malaysia, we work hard in hand between our people for the common goal of mutual success. We would always ensure the superior quality of our product, the best customer service, and continual improvement to enhance our customer satisfaction.